Susanna H. Sutherland

Susanna Sutherland Photo

Susanna Sutherland started her career with the TVA Environmental Policy and Planning division, where she focused on permitting and grant writing, capturing $1,500,000 for watershed restoration. She later joined TVA’s river Operations and Environmental Division, and, in 2007, was recruited by the City of Knoxville to oversee the final design of the waterfront development plan. In 2009 Susanna founded the city’s first Sustainability Office with federal funds which became locally funded in 2012.Susanna cofounded the Southeast Sustainability Directors Network and contributed to publications with the National Academy of Science and the Environmental Law Institute. In, 2013, Susanna resigned from the city to work with partners on climate change and urban sustainability issues and to pursue a doctorate in Energy Science and Engineering. Susanna holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental studies and a Master of Science in Biosystems Engineering Technology from UT Knoxville. Susanna has been the recipient of numerous recognitions and awards ,and has served on the Board of United Way of Greater Knoxville, and on the ICLEI Southeast Advisory Board.

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