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Land Conservation Programs

Foothills Land Conservancy is dedicated to protecting, preserving, and enhancing the lands and environments of the Southern Appalachian region and promoting the character of the land for the benefit of the general public, now and in the future. We work with families and individuals who are considering preserving their land ‘in perpetuity’, or forever. Over the years, families have contacted us asking for help in their quest to secure the future of their farm, woodlands, or open spaces and they make the choices of what can happen on the land.

If you own property and don’t want to see it developed or you want to see it remain as a farm, FLC can help you do with your land what you want to do with it. The most popular preservation method for land owners is through a conservation easement. This is a legal contract between a landowner and FLC describing activities that may take place on a property in order to protect the land’s conservation values. Landowners continue to own, use and live on the land. A conservation easement protects property from being developed and owners can always sell, lease, or donate their property.

For more information about these programs please visit our Landowners page.

Donations to FLC’s Friends of the Foothills Program

Join FLC and other concerned citizens in protecting and preserving the landscape of our region. Donations are accepted through FLC’s website, as well as by phone, email, or check. Our Friends of the Foothills receive newsletters and an invitation to all of our activities, as well as the knowledge that you are helping protect part of the beautiful landscape of East Tennessee.

To offer your monetary support, please visit our Donate page.

Additional Opportunities

Foothills Land Conservancy welcomes any and all support! Please let us know if you have an interest in donating items such as vehicles, computer hardware or software, or would like to provide resources such as knowledge of mapping and conservation programs.  Please make sure you add your contact information and comments on the form listed here or contact us directly at

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