Project #289 – Hico Holdings3035 Flat Shoals Road, Gay, GA 30218

Acre: 194.29

Property Type: Forest Land

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Project #289 – Hico Holdings

Hico Holdings

Flint River frontage on eastern boundary

Flint River frontage on eastern boundary

Portions of this property are managed as pine plantation with hardwood floodplain forests along the Flint River.  This river, along with the Chattahoochee River, are designated as High Priority Water by Georgia Department of Natural Resources (“GDNR”) in their Georgia State Wildlife Action Plan. Protection of the property and its frontage on the Flint River, including wetlands and streamside buffers, will help provide high quality water inputs into the river.

The open pine-hardwood woodlands provided by this 200-acre property are ideal habitat for bobwhite quail.

In addition to the protection important waterways and habitat, the historic Head Cemetery, named for Thomas Jefferson Head, is located on the property.  The Meriwether-Pike Scenic Byway also runs along the boundary of the property providing views of the conserved forests and waterway.  One other private conservation easement is 0.5 miles away, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Management Area is 1.5 miles from the property, and the Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge is 7 miles from the property extending the impacts of this easement and these other protected lands in southwest Georgia.