Project #256 – Clemones/Morton Bend2080 Morton Bend Road, Rome, GA 30161

Acre: 722.07

Property Type: Working Farm

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Project #256 – Clemones/Morton Bend


Clemones/Morton Bend

Wooded wetlands

Wooded wetlands

These working farms contain 334 acres of Prime Farmland and 100 acres of Farmland of Statewide Importance.  Between the two adjacent easements, more than 16,000 acres of shoreline along the Coosa River are protected along with 100 acres of wetlands, ensuring these features are allowed to remain intact but also benefiting the ecosystem and water quality services provided by these features can function into the future.

Present within the migratory path of Sandhill Crane, in years with ample precipitation or where corn is planted the birds can be observed using the property along their journey.  There are 73 rare of Georgia Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy high priority plants and fifteen high priority animals that occur within the Coosa River Watershed and can benefit directly or indirectly from conservation of these properties.