Project #25520 Anglers Cover Road, Kingston, TN 37763

Acre: 313

Property Type: Habitat

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Project #25

This property is located along the Watts Bar Reservoir section of the Tennessee River in Kingston, TN.  In addition to protecting scenic river frontage, the wooded hilltops and bluffs also afford scenic views over the lake toward the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and a diversity of wildflowers including the Pink Lady’s Slipper orchid are found in the rich understory.

The property provides high quality habitat for wildlife thanks to its matrix of mature forest and managed fields, as well as important edge habitat in between these two cover types. About 30 acres of forest are designated for pine pulpwood production, while another 255 acres is unmanaged.  Numerous fields are maintained in native warm-season grasses and food plots, adding up to about 35 acres of management areas that benefit desirable wildlife species like White-tailed Deer, Wild Turkey, and Northern Bobwhite.

Other wildlife species that call the property home include Bald Eagles, who have nested along the river for almost 20 years. There are also a number of other migratory birds known to nest here, according to Breeding Bird Survey data collected on the property.