Project #2322300 Harvey Robertson Road, Woodburn, KY

Acre: 1,013

Property Type: Working Farm

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Project #232

This property lies just across the Tennessee/Kentucky border near the city of Franklin, KY. Conserved in 2017, it is a working farm that straddles two counties and produces crops such as wheat, corn, and soybeans, and most of the property is underlain by USDA designated Prime Agricultural Soils. Besides the scenic character of the gently rolling farmland, the property also boasts small areas of woodlands, which are quite diverse relative to their size—at least 30 species of trees were observed by FLC biologists, as well as 48 other shrubs and herbaceous plants.

Northern Cricket Frog (Acris crepitans)


Biologists also observed an American Woodcock in an area of dense, moist forest. The American Woodcock (other colorful common names include Bogsucker, Hokumpoke, and Timberdoodle) is considered a bird of conservation concern due to loss of habitat.  Other wildlife species noted on the property included the Northern Cricket Frog, Fox Squirrel, and White-tailed Deer.

FLC biologists investigate karst topography in woodlands.


Another interesting feature of the property has to do with its underlying geology. The farm is in an area of Kentucky that has a high potential for karst, a type of topography that forms when underlying limestone dissolves near the surface.  Karst openings often lead to underground caves and streams and can form large sinkholes.  Several of these openings were located in the property’s woodlands, and they have the potential to serve as hibernacula for threatened and endangered bat species known from the area.  Thus, these areas were specially designated by FLC to afford them extra protection.