Kyker Bottoms1798 Big Gully Road, Maryville, TN 37801

Acre: 459.69

Property Type: Habitat, Public

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Kyker Bottoms

Kyker Bottoms is a 648-acre wildlife management area located along Ninemile Creek in Blount County. This wetland refuge is open to the public and managed by the TWRA. Management goals for the refuge are primarily geared towards providing habitat for migratory waterfowl, with 135 acres of wetland and 513 acres of early successional plant communities and oak savannah.

Wetland area of Kyker Bottoms

Wetland area of Kyker Bottoms

The property was purchased in 1998 through efforts by FLC, Wetland area of Kyker Bottoms TWRA, and DucksUnlimited.  The $1.9 million used to purchase the property was provided through the state of Tennessee’s Wetlands Acquisition Fund. This fund was financed through a percentage of the state’s land transfer fee. Ducks Unlimited provided a $60,000 donation and the Lyndhurst Foundation donated thousands the of hardwood trees necessary to restore key bottomland habitat.

Today Kyker Bottoms is one of the premier hotspots for birding, with over 220 avian species having been observed there ( Observation blinds and shortleaf pine borders help birders get close range views of a variety of species year-round. FLC is proud to be a partner in conserving these important lands and habitats!