Jim and I always wanted to protect the farm. We saw development come in…all over the county. When we first moved here there were 50 dairies in the county. It’s now down to about 2. We always felt the value of the land was in its productive capabilities as well as providing an aesthetic resource for the county. And so we never, ever considered selling it. It was always our intent to protect it.

After Jim died I went ahead with the decision to put a conservation easement on it. And it’s my intent after I become late, as in the late Gail Harris, the land will go to Foothills and Foothills will perhaps keep it as a working farm or use it as an educational center. They’re beautiful trees on the property, there’s a cave. Lots of wildlife, lots of birds. And to me that’s very, very important because as humans take over the world we’re edging out more and more species of animals and wild places and it’s extremely important … for me that I do my small part to preserve some of it.

Gail Harris, Blount County Resident
Founding Member of Foothills, Conservation Easement Donor & Legacy Circle Member

Join Foothills Land Conservancy as a Legacy Circle member!

FLC’s Legacy Circle – Benefitting Future Generations

Tennessee’s rural character is rich in history, biological diversity and majestic beauty.  Scenic views, working farms, natural areas, and wildlife habitat just scratch the service of why our region of is worth preserving. Planned gifts provide FLC with a permanent foundation for land acquisition and stewardship programs, a landowner financial assistance fund and other conservation projects. They can be designated as restricted or unrestricted funds.

For those whose passion lies in passing on their love of the land to future generations, we hope you will consider supporting FLC through these options:

  • Naming FLC as a beneficiary in a will, trust, insurance policy or retirement plan
  • Providing appreciated assets, securities or land parcels
  • Donating land to Foothills for the purpose of retaining it’s agricultural and/or natural features
  • FLC can work with your financial advisor to facilitate these and other giving methods.

FLC Properties Foundation, a supporting organization for Foothills Land Conservancy, was formally launched in 2013 and is a designated 509(a)(3). The foundation is governed by a separate Board of Directors and has the ability to accept farms, property or other assets that will fund a growing endowment. As mentioned above, assets can also be designated as restricted or unrestricted funds. A financial assistance fund is now in place that will ultimately support land owners who do not have sufficient resources to cover conservation easement related costs.

Legacy Circle benefits are optional and can include:

  • Listing on our Legacy Circle Members Plaque
  • Recognition as a Legacy Circle member at FLC’s Annual Celebration and in our Annual Report
  • Legacy Dinner— Small dinner and visit with FLC Board & staff
  • Additional Legacy Circle benefits are available and can be customized

Please let us know if your estate plans include Foothills Land Conservancy so that we may follow up with you and extend our thanks. You can reach the Foothills office with questions or requests at or at 865-681-8326.  Click on the Donate Now link to view additional giving options.  To view information about our Land Preservation Options, click here.

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