Conservation News – 2009 Blount County Easements

FLC Welcomes 2 Blount County Easements 800 Acres Preserved!

November 12, 2009  What could be a better way to highlight East Tennessee land conservation programs during this year’s FLC’s Annual Conservation Celebration than with 2 Blount County easement signings totaling 814 acres.


We are excited to report that Gail Harris and the Lunsford family each recently placed a conservation easement on their respective properties with FLC. Conservation easements are one of the most popular land preservation methods in the East Tennessee region. It’s basically an agreement between a landowner and conservancy describing activities that may take place on the land while protecting its conservation values. It is important to note with this type of easement that landowners can continue to own, use, live, sell, lease, or donate their property.

Gail Harris is no stranger to Foothills Land Conservancy  having served on FLC’s board early on in the organization’s development. In 2002, Gail and her late husband, Jim, partnered with FLC to place a conservation easement on a 105 acre tract in Blount County. This year, Gail decided that it was time to place an easement on her 317 acre working farm, located between Wildwood & Rockford. She notes, “This is something I can do to preserve my land, to be a good steward of what I have been given…conservation easements allow a land owner to provide lasting contributions to the community.” The property boasts a cave, old tobacco barn, a dairy farm, as well as row crops, wildflowers, and 100+ year old beech and oak trees.

Charles Lunsford and his two sons, William and Wesley, also want to preserve their 500 acre property  for future generations and in memory of their family members that owned the land before them, including Charles’ mother. The Lunsford tract is located on the US 129 side of Chilhowee Mountain near Tallassee and abuts a portion of the Foothills Wildlife Management Area, which is owned and managed by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. The land also borders the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Tellico Reservoir and is in sight of both the Cherokee National Forest and Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

To learn about FLC’s land conservation programs, please visit our landowner’s page. For questions about Foothills land Conservancy, please contact us at (865) 681-8326 or through email at

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